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What conditions can be treated with Sports Massage?

Also, have a look through my frequently asked questions.

Chronic Pain

This is commonly felt as constant discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders or legs. It may be the type of pain that is a familiar feeling to a lot of people. It also may affect someone in more than one area.

Acute Injuries

Sprains, strains and other muscle injuries, which may have been caused by trips, falls, heavy lifting, gardening.

Muscle Tension

Sports Massage releases muscle tension on a deep level, as well as reducing your risk of further injury.


My Sports Massage Prices

My mobile or static sports massage treatments cost £35 per hour, travel up to 15 miles from Ludlow is included. There is a small extra charge for petrol beyond this distance. Please allow one and a half hours for the first treatment ( at no extra cost ) to initially discuss medical history and for an assessment of symptoms or condition.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact me as soon as possible. Cancellations made within 48hrs will incur a £15 cancellation charge if I am unable to refill the appointment.

My Sports Massage FAQ’S

Sports Massage For Most Parts of Shropshire

Q – I am not a sporty person, is Sports Massage for me?

A – Yes, anyone can benefit from Sports Massage. Muscle tensions often develop through incorrect posture or repetitive movements, that are nothing to do with sport.

Q- Do you do deep tissue massage?

A- Yes, it is incorporated into my usual Sports Massage and is used amongst many other techniques.

Q- Does Sports Massage hurt?

A- Some deeper techniques that I use may make you experience some discomfort depending on the state of your muscles, however, all treatments are always performed within your own pain threshold. I will, therefore, be constantly asking you to give me a pain level number between 1 (no pain) and 10 (unbearable).

Q- What should I wear?

A- Comfortable underwear. During the whole session, you will be covered with a towel, only the part of your body that is being worked upon will be exposed.

Q- How many treatments will I need?

A- This is completely dependant on the condition of the soft tissue and the length of time it has been troubling you.

Q- Can Sports Massage be harmful?

A- It is a non-invasive therapy, but certain conditions can prevent treatment:-

Acute injuries & fractures (massage can help restore muscle function after the healing process has finished)

Deep Vein thrombosis Varicose Veins (massaging away from them is okay)

Infectious skin diseases

Recent surgery.


I Come To You

Available to Most Parts of Shropshire

My Mobile Sports Massage Service in Shropshire is now available five days a week. Weekend appointments only by prior arrangement. The sports massage I offer benefits to almost anyone suffering with neck, shoulder, muscle or back pain and not just the sports person. It can have major benefits for those who have a desk job as well as the weekend gardener as it keeps joints and muscles supple and can help to prevent injury.


Visit Me In Church Stretton

Available at The Mayfair Community Centre Church Stretton Mondays & Fridays

If it is easier for you to visit me I will soon have twice-weekly availability at the Mayfair Community Centre, Easthope Road, Church Stretton, SY6  6BL. Here I am able to offer all my usual Sports massage services to help with a wide range of body and muscle problems, please call me direct for an appointment. I look forward to helping you be free from pain. I hold my sports massage clinics at the Mayfair Community Centre, Church Stretton on  Mondays and Fridays from 9am – 5pm

Find out more about the Mayfair Community Centre – Complemntary Heatlth

My mobile or static sports massage treatments cost £35 per hour most travel is included. Please allow one and a half hours for the first treatment ( at no extra cost ) to initially discuss medical history and for an assessment of symptoms or condition.