Sports Massage Shropshire

Church Stretton Treatment RoomRapid Relief and AvailabilityHelps Many Aches & Pains

Good News

My clinic at the Mayfair Community Centre is fully open
I have COVID 19 safety protection in place in line with the Government guidelines.

Sports Massage Shropshire


Sports Massage Shropshire by Jan Crate MFHT offers relief from pain & stress. If you are suffering from shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain, muscle injury or stress our Sports Massage will help ease that pain.

Sports Massage Church Stretton


Sports Massage Shropshire is not just for sport players. It consists of a deep tissue massage which will stretch the fascia, massage and manipulate the muscles, and work remedially to ease muscle tightness.

Sports Massage Church Stretton, Shropshire

” My massage treatments are not just for athletes, I am most frequently asked to treat neck, shoulder and back pain ” I am available twice a week at the Mayfair Community Centre in Church Stretton.


Shropshire Sports Massage is not just for those who are athletes or involved in a sport.

I most often help with sore or stiff necks

My massage therapy is ideal for bad back pains

If you have overdone it in the garden and have tight or sore muscles

If you have sprained or twisted joints

What My Clients Say About Me

After several massages with Jan, I am always impressed with his knowledge of the body. He continually helps with any problem that I present him with. He is very understanding and supportive.

I went to Jan with longstanding problems with my shoulders and pelvis. I am very pleased that he was able to solve them all for me. I will be very happy to go see Jan again if I need to.

I suffer from a chronic condition affecting various parts of my body. Jan has been able to correct my posture, alleviating the pain and the relief has been tremendous & continues to improve.

When I asked Jan for help with my leg muscles he knew exactly what the problem was from just a few simple questions – he has excellent knowledge of the body. It only took three treatments to solve my problem and afterwards, Jan gave me great aftercare advice.

Jan has a total commitment to his work and has a holistic attitude to addressing any problems that I may have. I have complete trust in his ability and he has been enormously helpful through his conscientious approach.